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Is Master Your Body iQ right for you?

  • Are you feeling tapped out, drained or struggling to keep up with your life?
  • Are you feeling a little helpless about the current state of affairs in our world?
  • Are you craving more energy and motivation?
  • Are you ready to release fear & anxiety and feel more rested when you wake up?
  • Do you want the vitality and stamina to pursue your passions and create the impact you desire?
  • Do you want a stronger body and more resilient immune system?
  • Do you want to eliminate the need for crutches like coffee and sugar just to keep going?

You know you can achieve these things, but sometimes you’re unsure of why you’re feeling blocked or stuck. 

I’ve been there… more than I want to admit!

The good news is that anyone can level up their energy to address all of these issues and it doesn’t have to be hard or take a lot of time - you just need the right approach.

If you want to succeed at anything AND make sure that your success is sustainable, you’re going to need energy. You’re also going to need to stop doing things that drain that energy and start nourishing yourself on a daily basis with easy and REAL fixes.


A simple, easy-to-follow transformative online program designed to amplify your everyday energy, boost your natural immunity and get you moving and happy! 😊

25 years of exploration → 40 healing systems → Practical training  Condensed into just 11 Minutes a Day

✔️You’ll learn the essential movement routines that you can do at home to build and sustain your energy - without the need for expensive trainers, equipment or classes

✔️You’ll discover how to connect the dots between your emotions and your body - so you can step out of unconscious patterns that aren’t working for you

✔️You’ll get practical and concise information on the key pieces of nourishment you need - so you don’t have to wade through enormous amounts of conflicting advice that don’t take your unique physiology into account

✔️You’ll start to develop a more intimate relationship with your body and a deeper trust in your intuition - without having to meditate for hours a day

✔️You’ll activate such a powerful energy force within you that you’ll not only feel vital and more alive, but also have energy in excess to direct towards the materialization of your true passions and goals

I wonder what else would improve in your life if you really made the commitment to supercharge your energy?


This has been such an incredible program. I can feel a tremendous shift in my mood, in my mental clarity and in the level of depth of connection to my body. On so many levels it’s been so amazing so thank you thank you thank you. It’s even comfortable to walk again and I haven’t changed anything else about any exercise or anything else.

-Dani Pogachefsky

Here's what's inside Master Your Body iQ.

You'll receive emails and video lessons combining:

  • Daily 11-minute energizing movements
  • New and unique energy management strategies you can use right away
  • Weekly HealthFoodie Challenge with info-sheets
  • Study guides and videos you can use for continued practice

MBiQ Themes

(Strategies and Lessons to Support Your Daily Movement Practice)
  • Week 1: Detoxing with Chi 
    Discover unique and effective ways of detoxifying without cumbersome supplies and diet
  • Week 2: True Strength and Bone Stretching
    Learn a fun and easy routine to become more flexible and strong without having to lift heavy weights or do hours of stretching
  • Week 3: Preparing the Intelligent Body
    Learn the foundations of ‘Body iQ’ to activate and engage the latent intelligence and potential of all parts of your brain and body
  • Week 4Overcoming Indecision
    Discover how to connect the dots between your body and your psyche to avoid recurring injuries and the negative impacts of holding on to your emotions

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NOTE: If you're new to energy building practices like Taichi and Chi Gong, then I recommend that you select Option 1 that starts off with the 5-Day Body iQ Challenge for all the energy-building basics you'll need.
If you want to jump right into the 4-week program, you can choose Option 2.

Please note that all sales are final. You will have lifetime access to the programs!

I’m also adding some other fun things for you:


I used to think that I knew everything about healing myself and manifesting my dream life. But even though I had studied 40+ healing modalities, ran a successful healing center in New York City, and traveled the world training others, I still hit a brick wall and completely burned myself out, not once, but three times.

It took over 20 years to finally and successfully integrate just the right elements that I needed to stop burning myself out and turn my energy around. Once I did that, I was able to pursue my own creative dreams and became even more passionate about using my newly-charged energy to help others realize their potential.

Especially right now, the world needs people who not only care about their fellow humans, but also have enough energy and resources to share their gifts with the world and be a true support to others.


Frequently Asked Questions about Master Your Body iQ

Missy Scott

It's too hard to choose one thing (that I love about this program)! But on a superficial level, the unexpected weight loss was my favorite surprise... All of a sudden I had lost 10 lbs!

Chris Chalfant

That was incredible! It has been really helpful in opening my whole sacrum area that is still healing from my fall a couple weeks ago by also stretching the muscles around it.

Can't wait for YOU to experience positive changes in your life, too!